Xamarin Studio 6.1 - XAML Previewer Issue

DanielJGMacleanDanielJGMaclean USUniversity ✭✭

Hi All!

I know the XAML previewer is fresh off the press since the announcement this week (I was at the keynote, it was amazing!). However I keep getting the error "invalid xaml: sequence contains no matching element". I can't seem to find detailed logs on where this is happening or why, and the regular googling isn't giving me any hints as to what might be causing this. As it's in the Alpha Channel, i'm happy to downgrade and wait until it reaches the Beta Channel, but I wanted to check if anybody else was seeing this problem and if they had a fix.



  • dave92082dave92082 USMember

    Hey Daniel,
    Had the same problem this morning when I went to go try it out. The solution was actually simple...make sure you update the Xamarin.Forms library reference in all of your projects to the latest pre-release. I made the mistake of only updating my shared project library and it was giving me the same error. As soon as I updated the reference in the .iOS and .Android projects it worked like a charm.

  • afierafier USMember

    i have the same problem when update all the packages

  • Matthew-RobbinsMatthew-Robbins AUInsider ✭✭

    Hey Daniel, the Xamarin Forms previewer requires the latest Xamarin.Forms nuget package. I've only been able to get the renderer to work in a testing project when targetting the "" Xamarin.Forms nuget package.

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