iOS 6 support in Xamarin .Forms

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This might have been discussed already; but I only found 1 discussion and it didn't answer the question. As an aside, it would be nice to be able to limit my searches to a single forum.

I am trying to get my Master/Detail app to support iOS 6. I am seeing two major issues...

  1. When a new NavigationPage is made the Detail page, there are 20 white pixels between the status bar and the navigation bar.
  2. After pushing a page onto a navigation stack, there is no back button. GetHasBackButton returns true. SetBackButtoinTitle makes no difference.

Looking at the source code for Xamarin.Forms, it looks like there is code in some places to support iOS versions less than 7.

Is iOS 6 supported? Am I wasting my time trying to get it to work? (I know some users of my app will be on devices with iOS 6).


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