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Device Provisioning problems on iOS

RayFanRayFan USMember

I installed Xamarin Studio on my Mac and created a HelloWorld iOS project and it does not compile, it showed error "No installed provisioning profiles match the installed ios code signing keys", pointing to Xamarin.iOS.Common.targets file. Though this same project works in visual studio.

I googled around and found in docs I followed the steps to open my xCode > Preferences > Accounts > then choosing my AppleID and View Details but it does not show any Provisioning Profiles in this window even though I clicked on Create next to iOS Development, all that did was it created a certificate iPhone Developer in my keychain. I want to mention I don't have an actual device like iphone or ipad, I'm just trying to get the code working in emulator first.

What I'm using: Xamarin Studio Community 5.10.3, El Capitan, xCode 7.3.1

So what am I doing wrong here?

Thank you.


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  • RayFanRayFan USMember

    Hi John, wow, my Deubg wasn't on iPhoneSimulator and setting it to iPhoneSimulator solved my problem. I'm so green at this that I spent a couple of hours looking through all kinds of settings in xCode/keychain/apple's dev site. Lol, thank you so much for your help!

    During my googling of a solution I saw many places mention of removing or modifing this .plist, I guess this is not an issue anymore?

  • JohnMillerJohnMiller USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi RayFan,

    Phew, that explains everything then. I just thought I would throw in a few extra things "just in case" to avoid back and forth and time lost.

    Happy to help.

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