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CCParticleExplosion creates a huge performance drop


I am building a shooter game and over here when player fires the enemy, the enemy ship must explode.
I utilized the particleExplosion implementation from Gonebananas game, but when particle explosion happens the movements on screen becomes super slow and causes entire screen to hang. I have attached my implementation below. please provide some suggestions to optimize the particle explosion

void checkCollisionofEnemy()

        Enemy.ForEach(enemyShip =>
            bullets.ForEach(bullet =>
                bool hit = bullet.BoundingBoxTransformedToParent.IntersectsRect(enemyShip.BoundingBoxTransformedToParent);
                if (hit)





  • IlledanIlledan NOMember ✭✭
    edited May 2016

    What is your code inside Explode?

    Tried using CCParticleExplosion without any problems:

    Take a look at MySpriteContainer.

  • Thanks for your suggestion.
    Removing the hit bullets and exiting the loop after collision detection of bullet instance by discarding the unnecessary iteration , resolved this bug (Like in my previous issue of collision detection).
    I highly appreciate your valuable solution.

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