How can I integrate the Xamarin API documents into Visual studio's Help viewer?

I want to know how can I get xamarin's api documents into visual studio's help viewer,

When I start visual studio 2015, the DocSync prompts me about the document update, but it hangs at "Extracting downloaded documentation..." forever. I've waited for hours and still no change.

So is there any way to integrate the api documents into visual studio 2015's help viewer?


  • MRIMRI USMember

    Same question

  • RudolfFderRudolfFder USMember

    Same here

  • RudolfFderRudolfFder USMember

    I would like to add here, on the Xamarin iOS DocSync Window at the bottom, there is a error message reading:

    DocSet folder not found in: C:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Local\Temp\Xamarin

    I navigated to the location and the DocSet Folder is present.

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