Can I Use ViewModel as Owner of Animation.Commit?

yoyokitsyoyokits USMember
edited May 2016 in Xamarin.Forms

I want to animate a property in ViewModel using Animation.
Can I use it?
var animation = new Animation(x => this.Angle = x, 0, 360, Easing.CubicInOut); animation.Commit(this, "Animation"); // "this" is a view model class

In Commit, owner must be IAnimatable and it has 2 methods BatchBegin() and BatchCommit(). What should I implement in these both methods?



  • chpochpo USMember

    would be interesting. for the same purpose i created a dummy class implementing IAnimatable with both functions without a body.

    some documentation would help though. don't know if it breaks something in the long run?

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