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Issue with ListView DataTemplate on iOS

Just looking into this, but after latest stable updates (XF 2.2) I am getting a null reference exception on a ContentPage I use to display a list view with a custom cell template. This has worked for several months, and continues to work on my Android project.

I'll continue to debug, but was wondering if anyone else has seen an issue recently?


  • LannyDeVaneyLannyDeVaney USMember ✭✭

    Update, not sure the issue is/was with the data template, but the only way I got my Content Page to display in iOS was setting it to a ListView, where before I had subclassed the ListView so I could set some default properties.

    So, before XF 2.2 I had ChatListView : ListView {} but that would no longer render after XF 2.2 so I had to make it a ListView() directly, not subclassed. This worked both before and after on Android.

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