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Xamarin/CocosSharp: package does not Exists

I started a new project using CocosSharp 1.7.1 and the Xamarin Template. I'm building a pretty simple game and it works without problem on WP but it doesnt compile on Android. I'm getting the following error:

error: package does not exist Rocketmin.Droid C:\Users\geobo\Documents\Projects\Rocketmin\Rocketmin\Rocketmin\Rocketmin.Droid\obj\Debug\android\src\md5270abb39e60627f0f200893b490a1ade\ 8

I don't get this problem if I try to compile the empty template with the Hello CocosSharp. I started notice this problem after I've added the missing reference to Box2D for the Android Project. But I'm not sure that this two thing are related to eachother...

I'm Strugling with this Issue for days and, any help would be very appreciated!


  • BontoBonto CHMember

    I'm still not sure what it was causing the error but I managed to solve it by creating a new empty project (template) and by importing my .cs files. Now it compiles on both devices with no problem.

    I guess that while trying to solve some issues prior to this one I messed up something with my project/solution.

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