Does Xamarin not provide a way to directly connect to Azure SQL Database without use of web app?

From my understanding SQL SSL encryption (required by an Azure SQL Database) is not supported in mono; and I cannot get OleDb references to work in my simple android project to test if it would allow a connection to an Azure SQL Database. Does Xamarin not provide a means of directly connecting to Azure SQL Database or any other database that requires SSL encryption? I am trying to avoid having to write a separate Azure Web App (mobile back end) for what amounts to small internal application.

Personally feel like this is a major oversight especially with the apparent broken state of System.Data.OleDb and lack of SSL encryption in System.Data.SqlClient. Any workaround or other insight would be greatly appreciated.


  • ashalvaashalva GEMember ✭✭✭

    Have you tried Azure Mobile Services?

    I have not used it, but the documentation says it will allow you.

    Azure App Service customers can purchase SSL certificates to use with a variety of apps. You can purchase Standard SSL certificates or Wildcard SSL certificates for the rates on the pricing page.

  • JoshuaBrohmanJoshuaBrohman CAMember

    They've lumped Mobile Services and Web Apps into the same category now. Trying to avoid having to code a separate server side application for a mobile app that will be used by 7-10 employees internally. Trying to keep the azure services to a minimum to reduce the amount of time for possible later fixes and updates for an app that at most is calling SELECT and UPDATE statements on tables with 20-30 rows.

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