FontSize Property in Entry does not work in Windows Phone, in version 'Xamarin.Forms'

John75John75 PTMember ✭✭

In version 'Xamarin.Forms' FontSize property works fine on Windows Phone platform but when I updated to version 'Xamarin.Forms' the property does not work any more, it stays always with the some font size. I've tried to resolve the problem with a custom renderer, setting the property directly on 'FormsCustomizableTextBox' control but the FontSize never changes.


  • MicheleLoRussoMicheleLoRusso USMember

    I confirm that this bug can still be experienced on Forms' latest stable, at the time of this writing. In particular, the placeholder text in the entry had never had the correct font size (even in earlier version), but currently both the placeholder and the input text don't get the value set for the FontSize attribute.

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