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Login With Amazon (Component)


Setting the stage: I'm definitely out of my zone here but I'm working on a project that requires support for Login with Amazon and Cloud Drive. There's a pretty good non-Xamarin sample that Amazon provides in the Android SDK named "SampleFilesApp" that seemed to be a good starting point. It makes use of Login with Amazon by specifying "clouddrive:read", "clouddrive:write" and "profile". I've run the sample in Android Studio and it works as expected.

I tried to port the login code over to to a Xamarin project using the Login With Amazon component that's in the component store. It works fine as long as the only scope is "profile". Adding in anything related to cloud drive causes it to fail with an invalid scope.

Digging in, I managed to take a look at the embedded jar in the component using JD-GUI. The AmazonAuthorizationManager.class in the component has this line:

private final String SDK_VERSION = "1.0.0";

In Android Studio, I checked the same line in the original sample and it's:

private final String SDK_VERSION = "1.0.1";

Further, the same sample is in the download for the Mobile App SDK download. But that same line in the jar that's there has this:


I haven't found anything officially noting this yet, but I suspect that 1.0.0 didn't support additional scopes.

I've tried creating a binding project for the new jar and failed miserably.

Has anyone else attempted to use Login/Amazon and CloudDrive?

Any guidance appreciated.



  • Hi,

    Wonder if anyone on the components team might be able to provide an update on this one? David H confirmed that someone was looking into it but haven't heard anything lately.


  • DWestyDWesty USMember ✭✭

    I know this is a little old but in case somebody else has the same issue I created a bindings project for LWA for Xamarin.Android

    I am finishing up the binding project for the Cloud Drive Apk which is a little less trivial.

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