F# Language Binding Add-in for Xamarin Studio 4.1.0

JasonWatermanJasonWaterman CAMember, Beta, University

I'm trying to install the Add-in for F# Support for Xamarin.iOS development and it says it needs FSharpBinding v3.2.15. I attempted to install the F# Language Binding, but the only available version listed is version 3.2.14. I checked all available Add-in repositories (Stable, Beta, Alpha) and couldn't see 3.2.15 anywhere.

I attempted to install 3.2.14 anyway and that failed to install with message "There was an error while scanning assembly: /Applications/Xamarin Studio.app/Contents/MacOS/lib/monodevelop/AddIns/MonoDevelop.IPhone/MonoTouch.Hosting.dll"

Has anyone had success installing v3.2.15 under Xamarin Studio 4.1.0? I'm running the latest Mono 3.0.10 and Xamarin.iOS from the Alpha channel as well, so should support F#.



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