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Can't save projects to an external SD-Card or load them from one.

einRobbyeinRobby USMember
edited March 2016 in Visual Studio

While cleaning up my Mac, I decided to move all my source code to an external volume (in my case an SD-Card). Unfortunately, I noticed that I can neither create new projects in Xamarin Studio when selecting the SD-Card as location nor can I compile projects that are located on it.

When I open a copy of the project on my local SSD, everything works fine.

MacOS: 10.11.4 El Capitain
Xamarin Studio: 5.10.3 (buld 27)
SD Card format: ExFAT

Here is the error message, I get when compiling:
/Volumes/Slimport/Source/Microsoft/Cross-Platform/MVVM Light Demo/iOS/MVVMLightDemo.iOS/MTOUCH: Error MT0000: Unexpected error - Please file a bug report at (MT0000) (MVVMLightDemo.iOS)

You can find the two errors I get when trying to create a new (in this case Xamarin.Forms) project attached.

Any ideas?


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