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AdMob not working in ActionExtension?

Has anyone been able to get the AdMob component (or any AdMob variation) working in an ActionExtension or a ShareExtension? I can instantiate a new GADBannerView properly, but neither the AdReceived nor ReceiveAdFailed events ever get fired. (My sample code works fine, and AdMob works fine in the "container" portion of the app -- it's just the "Extension" portion that doesn't work.)

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  • BillBartlettBillBartlett USMember ✭✭

    Same question for iAd: Has anyone gotten the iAd ADBannerView to successfully work in an ActionExtension? (None of the ADBannerView methods get called in an ActionExtension, but they work fine in the "container" app.)

  • BillBartlettBillBartlett USMember ✭✭

    One more update: I tried an iAd banner in a ShareExtension -- same problem: ADBannerView gets created successfully, but the events never get fired.

    I also confirmed by proxying HTTP & HTTPS traffic through Fiddler on another machine that no HTTP or HTTPS requests are being made from the iAd or AdMob components in the "Extension" part of the app. They are only being made from the components in the "container" part of the app.

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