iOS binding for Swift library Pexip

Can someone please confirm whether for Pexip framework( we can have bindings.
Framework folder contains another framework folder having .dylib files. For files like libswiftAVFoundation.dylib, libswiftContacts.dylib etc. I have added an entry for framework in linkwith.cs

[assembly: LinkWith ("PexKit.a",
LinkTarget.Simulator | LinkTarget.Simulator64 | LinkTarget.ArmV7 | LinkTarget.Arm64, SmartLink = true,
ForceLoad = true,
Frameworks="AVFoundation Contacts ContactsUI EventKit EventKitUI CoreAudio CoreGraphics CoreImage " +
"CoreLocation CoreMedia GLKIT UIKit Security VideoToolbox CoreVideo OpenGLES "

what should i do for following .dylib files libswiftCore.dylib,libswiftDarwin.dylib,libswiftDispatch.dylib,libswiftsimd.dylib.

I am not sure if this library is bindable.




  • marttikmarttik FIMember

    How did you solve this? I'm having problems with objective sharpie and the same SDK as well.

  • Brijesh.KulkarniBrijesh.Kulkarni USUniversity

    I am implementing WebRTC in iOS app and integrating it to Pexip.
    I am using cocoa pod libjingle_peerconnection for WebRTC.

    I could not find any documentation around swift binding .

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