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May 30: F# on iPad and iPhone in Xamarin Studio, London

PhillipTrelfordPhillipTrelford GBMember
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Neil Danson will take us through developing apps for iPad and iPhone with F# using Xamarin Studio.

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  • bansheebanshee USMember

    Hmm, I wonder if I could get the company to expense the trip from Seattle...

    If I were there, I'd love for you to cover:

    • best way to set up unit tests
    • how to get F# code completion working from C# (I still don't have this working)
    • integrating with Interface Builder; the IB/Monotouch stuff wants to create C# files
    • sharing code between Android and iPhone (and potentially with the host, for faster testing)
  • NeilDansonNeilDanson USMember

    Thanks for the suggestions!
    I'll be covering unit tests a little (its probably one of the more important aspects on iOS), but sadly not had any time to look at Android, so definitely wont be covering this. It should be generally as simple as avoiding any Mono* namespaces and sticking to the .NET areas only, but I've not committed any time to really proving this yet. Time permitting I'll be showing some code that originated on Silverlight to show how simple it is to move across to iOS.

    WRT using XIB files, Dave Thomas has a blog entry about how to build the nib files - should be simple to reference the outlets from f# once loaded in ViewDidLoad().

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