System.TimeoutException when the wifi is on on local test device.

I'm testing an application which accesses the internet and I'm trying to run the simple test

    public void AppLaunches()

When I run this with the wifi off on the phone (this is a local test) the test passes and I can see Repl open.

When I run the test with the wifi on and connected, the test fails after 20 seconds with the message:

Message: SetUp System.TimeoutException : Timed out waiting.... Elapsed time: 20sec

This error is consistent with any tests I run and goes away if the wifi is turned off.

Is there a way of extending this timeout time or is there something else I'm missing?


  • Glenn.WilsonGlenn.Wilson USXamarin Team Xamurai


    If you are not using the latest Xamarin.UITest (and Xamarin.TestCloud.Agent if this is iOS) I would suggest updating to those.

    If that doesn't fix it then seeing the full stack trace or UITest log files might help.

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