ScrollView not working properly in design mode

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When I designing android layout in design mode in Visual Studio 2015, I can't scrolling inside scrollview. The blue positioning bar will appear in right side of layout if I select some view inside of scrollview. But if I move this blue positioning bar up or down its nothing happen in layout design. In Xamarin Studio everything works fine in designing layout.

My questions are:
1- Is this problem issue of Visual Studio or Xamarin plugin?
2- What I have to do to solve this problem?

Image with situation described in my question

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  • This doesn't really answer the question, but I can inform you that I had the same issue, just with the designer in Xamarin Studio, when running on OSX. Running the designer on Windows, the scroller worked perfectly.

  • GeorgeKotulaGeorgeKotula USMember

    I'm bumping this because I'm running into the same issue. I'm using Xamarin.Android with VS 2015 Professional, and I have a ScrollView with a LinearLayout embedded in it. The little blue scroll bar in the VS Designer view is there and I can move it, but the contents in the preview don't move. I tried opening the same solution with Xamarin Studio and the scroll view preview worked fine, so I'm assuming this is a bug in Xamarin + VS

    Relevant information:

    Visual Studio Professional - 14.0.24720.00 Update 1
    Xamarin - (dcea9c1)
    Xamarin.Android - (e98e962)
    Xamarin Studio - 5.10.2 (build 56)

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    I can also confirm this. Prior to Same as GeorgeKotula

    ScrollView xmlns:android=""
    !!Widgets here!!!

    Blue scroll bar visible and able to drag but contents doesn't change. It's hard to edit/debug some of my projects.

  • PaulRPaulR USMember

    any update on this?

  • SobanskySobansky SKMember ✭✭

    No, last update ( not solved this problem. Xamarin - Wake up please!

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