El Capitan Debugger Not Breaking

Caleb.MorrisCaleb.Morris USMember

Hello, I recently upgraded to El Capitan to see if I would encounter any problems and have almost everything in my workflow back to pre-upgrade normality.

The only problem I've noticed that I am not even sure how to check if the upgrade is the problem is that I can no longer debug in Xamarin.UITest code.

I previously was able to set breakpoints in my test to half and watch execution, inspect values, etc., but since the upgrade I have not been able to do so.

I am on the current stable Xamarin 5.9.7 (build 9) and have upgrade UITest to v1.1.1.255 alpha build.

Since I can use the REPL it is less of a problem, but would be nice to have back.

Is anyone else having this problem or know of a solution?


  • AndrzejAndrzej USMember

    I have same problem. Unfortunately no solution as of yet.

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