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How to run in test cloud from Xamarin Studio

In looking through the online documentation at, there is a description of how to submit a test to test cloud from the visual studio IDE. It also states that the same can be done from the Xamarin Studio IDE. However, in Xamarin Studio, when I right click on the project, the drop down menu does NOT include a Run in Test Cloud ... menu item as shown in the picture. Can someone please direct me to the documentation that explains how to run a test script from within Xamarin Studio on Test Cloud, assuming this is possible.

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  • DavidPartridgeDavidPartridge USMember

    And that explains it, thank you. The documentation is for Visual Studio and says click on the Project in the Solution Explorer.
    I do see Run in Test Cloud under the Tests Pad.

  • DavidPartridgeDavidPartridge USMember

    And having done that, it uploads the APK, then pops a window that says "Google Chrome is unresponsive. Relaunch now?" I don't find anything in a search for that issue. Any thoughts on what might cause it? I am logged into Xamarin Test Cloud using Google Chrome on the same computer without any issues.

  • Glenn.WilsonGlenn.Wilson USXamarin Team Xamurai

    When I google for that message, I get a number of hits.

    I'm not sure of the cause, but if you have a test cloud url in the address bar that looks like{Upload Id} you should be able to copy and paste that into the address bar of another browser instance to continue the upload.

    Or, if you can't do that you can grab the Upload Id from the Test Cloud pad in the IDE and build the url in the form:{Upload Id} (without the braces).

    You can also submit via the command line which does not require browser integration.
    See Submitting UITests at the Command Line. You can get help building the command line by going to and clicking the New Test Run link near the top right of the screen.

  • DavidPartridgeDavidPartridge USMember

    Sorry for the lack of clarity, meant I did not find any references in regards to Xamarin.

    I was able to run successfully from two other computers, so it's not critical. Thank you again for your responses.

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