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Xamarin & Google Cardboard

rudgrrudgr NLMember ✭✭


Was wondering if anyone has experience with developing a google cardboard app with xamarin?

I'm aware of the google cardboard for android component (there isn't an ios version of this component right?) and the ios F# sample

my objective is a basic ios and android app that allows users to view a 360 degree video using google cardboard.

trying to get a basic idea of the complexity (or if it's even possible ;-)




  • JesseMockJesseMock USUniversity ✭✭

    I am interested in doing the same exact thing. Anyone?

  • differentdifferent USMember

    I would be interesting in this as well.

  • JWhiteJWhite USMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    This would definitely be cool. I think the inherent challenge is there is no formal iOS SDK for Cardboard, so without it you likely will have to do a lot of your own legwork to get it working. I checked with Joel, and the F# example for iOS is actually just using SceneKit to render two screens, you don't even need to use F# to accomplish this.

    So my guess is until Google decides to release an iOS SDK, or someone wants to create a mimic of it with SceneKit, this likely won't be very possible in the near future.

    Android, you are fine.

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