set image from folder in project

i have folder in my project contains images
how can i set the imageview bind to one of these images using the path

i have the path like : "Resources/Category_one/image_one.png"

how can i display this image using imageview ???



  • YkshLeoYkshLeo USMember ✭✭✭✭

    You have to add image to the Resources/drawable folder (refer here...).
    Then, you can access them by using:


    If you want to access them by their original name, you better save them in the Assets folder. Then, you can access them by using the AssetManager:

    AssetManager assetManager = Resources.Assets;
    try {
        InputStream inputStream = assetManager.Open("NameOfImage.png");
            // use the input stream as you want
    catch(IOException ex) {
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