Adjusting padding within label

AlessandroBornsAlessandroBorns AUMember
edited January 2016 in Xamarin.Forms

I am trying to align a sub-title style label underneath a header label but have found that the larger label has padding applied to the label itself and have not found a way of removing this.

I have also tried setting the header labels YAling and VerticalOption to End and the SubTitle to Start but I still cannot get them in to reasonable proportions. Below is a screenshot and the XAML.

As you can see the padding is within the label control and the Y and Vertical options are not applying.

        <Label Text="{Binding GeneralEngineDescription}" Style="{x:Static styles:AppStyles.SmallInfoText}" VerticalOptions="Start" 
        BackgroundColor="Purple" YAlign="Start" />

Any ideas or tips to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

Note: Only testing on iOS so far.


  • SimonHahnSimonHahn DEMember

    I have the same problem. I am not able to align the text on bottom or top. No matter what properties are set, there is always spacing. Android is also affected. (Yes, i set includeFontPadding to false)

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