First activity visible too long upon startup of Xamarin Forms app on Android

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  1. Create a new Xamarin.Forms app
  2. Run your app on Android
  3. There is a delay of about 2 seconds after it launches MainActivity in the .Droid project and when it finally launches the Forms activity in the shared project.
  4. While waiting for the Forms activity to launch, the MainActivity file is empty and looks bad. It sits there for about 2 seconds. In this case, it's using the dark theme so there is a blue bar at the top, and a big black area below.
  5. What is the suggested action for that first activity that gets displayed before the Forms activity comes up? Should I populate it with a "Loading..." message? Is there a way to get it to speed up the loading of the Forms activity? What have other people done? I'm open to ideas.

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