Using multiple storyboards (refactored from xcode)

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In my Xamarin iOS project I started out with one storyboard containing a tab bar controller pointing to several view controllers. I recently switched over to using xcode for working on my storyboard, and one feature I found in xcode is the "Refactor to Storyboard" feature. It takes a selected view controller and puts it into its own storyboard file, linking that file to the original storyboard. I did this for all of my tabs, and now when I try to run my app in Xamarin studio, it tells me there is an error in my Main.storyboard file. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell me what the error is! Everything was working before- the only difference is that my tabs are now in their own storyboard files. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?



  • It's looking like xamarin doesn't support the "Tab" relationship between a TabBarController and a ExternalViewController. Is this correct? Is there a workaround?

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    I got it working. Here's how:

    1) In your main storyboard, create a TabBarController
    2) In your main storyboard, create ViewControllers for each tab
    3) Create a tab relationship between the TabBarController and each ViewController
    4) Put a ContainerView inside each tab's ViewController
    5) Link the ContainerViews with the ExternalViewControllers

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