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Obfuscator for Android that runs on OSX


I'm looking for a tool that could obfuscate my Android assemblies and that could run on OSX and Windows. Preferably integrated in the solution/project file that could run on both platforms without any modifications.

Right now i'm using cryptoobfuscator, but that requires to build the Android packages from a Windows machine.

Babel seems to be able to run from both platforms, but i'm curious for experiences and if there are any other options available.


  • Hi Christiaan,
    i used Babel and is able to run from both platforms.

    Actually i've tried only OSX version (with Xamarin studio on my Mac).

    In the .csproj file it's necessary to add some code like this:

    and you can download the dll files.

    The only "problem" is that Babel requires all class you want obfuscate must to be "internal".
    So, in my case (i've just developed all applications) it's a bit difficult modify all class.

    I hope that i've helped you.

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