FreshMvvm vs MvvmNano?

Hi guys, I am starting a new project and both FreshMvvm and MvvmNano frameworks seem nice.

Wich one would you reccomend to me? Or do you think it is better to use the "traditional" ones (MVVMLight/MVVMCross)?



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    Full Disclosure: I'm the original creator of FreshMvvm, hence this comment will focus on FreshMvvm.

    FreshMvvm is designed specifically for Xamarin.Forms, so some things to understand about FreshMvvm is that

    1) Xamarin.Forms has most of what you need for Mvvm so Fresh just adds some extra nice parts like IOC and ViewModel navigation.

    2) FreshMvvm it has lots of built in functionality that works nicely with Xamarin.Forms, like Automatic wiring of BindingContext, Automatic wiring of Page events (eg. appearing), Basic methods (with values) on PageModel (init, reverseinit), Basic methods available in Model, like Alert, Built in Navigation types for SimpleNavigation, Tabbed and MasterDetail.

    3) FreshMvvm has been used in a bunch of enterprise level appstore apps some done by me and some by others

    Previously I used MvvmCross very heavily and created FreshMvvm based on the parts I liked from MvvmCross. You can read more about the story of FreshMvvm here.

    I actively use FreshMvvm in projects and many successful projects have been built in FreshMvvm. I also active develop FreshMvvm with new features, respond to any questions people have and solve any issues. People are also welcome to contribute to the project and help guide the direction. Personally I love FreshMvvm and hope others do too.

    Shoot me an email if you have any questions about FreshMvvm I'm always happy to help out.

    I also have some demo video's on FreshMvvm if you're keen to learn more.

    FreshMvvm n=0 : Mvvm in Xamarin.Forms and Why FreshMvvm

    FreshMvvm n=1 : Your first FreshMvvm Application

    FreshMvvm n=2 : IOC and Constructor Injection

    FreshMvvm n=3: Navigation in FreshMvvm

    Implementing custom navigation in FreshMvvm for Xamarin.Forms

    TDD in Xamarin Studio – Live Coding FreshMvvm

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