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Having trouble getting started with Xamarin Forms, a few questions about layouts.

So my company has decided to recreate their current Cordova app over in Xamarin Forms. I'm new to forms and native development, on top of that I'm a really a front end developer so a few of the concepts are very new to me.

That being said. I've been scouring the internet for months looking at examples and comments and such trying to figure out what's "best practices" and how to code in order to support a diverse platform base. (iOS, Android, devices, etc...)

So with that info, what is "typically" used in order to make sure that images, controls, etc.. are in the same position (ratio wise) from device to device? I see people using absolutes, relative and stack layouts in various examples (and maybe what I use doesn't matter) but I need to understand more about why I would want one over the other.

Our application is a lot of data entry and data delivery so not a lot of "wiz bang wow" going on. I want to clean it up, but I'm thinking that I'm just a bunch of stack layouts and grids for the most part. (I guess?)

So I apologize for the vagueness of this post. What I've found online has been either super basic or too specific that it doesn't fit what I'm looking for. Just not sure how to get the ball rolling with the pages I need to create. (Want this to be a nice solid foundation since we have the opportunity to create this code from scratch.)

Thank you!


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