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Unable to deploy app with bundled watch app MTOUCH error

This is a re-post from a previous question that has never been answered:

I have an existing app to which I am adding an Apple Watch app (watchos1). Everything seems to be set up correctly as I can run the app without problems in the simulator. The app ids are set correctly, the projects are referenced correctly. However, when I try to run the app on an actual device, I receive a strange error for which I cannot find any info anywhere else.

error MT0063: Cannot find the executable in the extension <path_to_extension>/bin/iPhone/Debug/<extensionappid>.appex (no CFBundleExecutable entry in its Info.plist)

However, when I check the mentioned .appex file

  • there is an Info.plist with a CFBundleExecutable entry
  • the CFBundleExecutable entry correctly mentions id as its main executable

Therefore, this seems to be an issue with mtouch. Is there a way around this? Or am I missing something obvious?

Thanks, Terrence Koehn

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