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Index and Search offline Documents content

GuidoKerstenGuidoKersten NLUniversity ✭✭


I'm investigating for the best solution to search through offline documents in iPad app. The app needs to download some big (PDF) documents to the apps local storage, and should also be searchable for content from within the app. Are there any solutions the IOS platform for this?

I tried to look at if for example Dropbox or Google Drive uses something like this, but Dropbox only searches through the file names and Google Drive uses some Online Search, so won't work offline.

For Windows Platform, I know there is a solution to index and search app content, more details here:

Anything like this on IOS (and also good to know for Android)?

Best Answer


  • GuidoKerstenGuidoKersten NLUniversity ✭✭

    Allright, that might just be what I'm looking for.

    @Jason_DeBoever The other thing I was taking a look at is Core Spotlight.. This seems to do exactly what I need on iOS, but this does not have an API to search from within your app right? Only add content so that the user can search from the homescreen..

    Will defenitly take a look a Lucene.NET!

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