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Good day,
I would like to ask you is there some legal way to make view refresh or unload when other tab bar item is pressed. I have couple of problems due to that fact, but most of them are easily fixed except one.

On my first view i have simple view controller and i have made keyboard up and down notification, to avoid situation when some Text Editable fields are behind keyboard, this part works just fine. But then i have another tab item that has DialogViewController. The problem is that keyboard notifications from this view are also moving view up. So by default it is moved up and also my event is bidding it up. So i am looking for way to avoid keyboard notification on other view or unregister it when other tab item is clicked.


  • LukeTappinLukeTappin GBMember

    Bump... How would you go about 'unloading' a tab bar controller view when it disappears? I need the view to unload so that the next time it appears, it loads as if for the first time.

  • LukeTappinLukeTappin GBMember
    edited February 2016

    This works for me:

    public override void ViewWillDisappear(bool animated)
                View = null;
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