Calabash Sandbox on Windows - 'Cucumber::Ast' no longer exists error when trying to run .apk

SueGrinnellSueGrinnell USUniversity ✭✭

I installed Calabash Sandbox today, and was attempting to run exercises from the Intro to Calabash class I took last week. When I run "calabash-android resign com.xamarin.samples.taskyandroid.apk" or "calabash-android run com.xamarin.samples.taskyandroid.apk" I get the following error:

"Cucumber::Ast no longer exists. These classes have moved into the Cucumber::Core::Ast namespace, but may not have the same API. (RuntimeError)".

My gems list:
awesome_print (1.6.1)
bigdecimal (1.2.4)
builder (3.2.2)
bundler (1.11.2)
calabash-android (0.5.15)
cucumber (2.1.0)
cucumber-core (1.3.1)
diff-lcs (1.2.5)
escape (0.0.4)
gherkin3 (3.1.2)
httpclient (
io-console (0.4.3)
json (1.8.3, 1.8.1)
mime-types (2.99)
mime-types-data (3.2015.1120)
minitest (4.7.5)
multi_json (1.11.2)
multi_test (0.1.2)
psych (2.0.5)
rake (10.1.0)
rdoc (4.1.0)
retriable (1.4.1)
rubyzip (1.1.7)
slowhandcuke (0.0.3)
test-unit (
thor (0.19.1)
xamarin-test-cloud (2.0.0.pre1)

What I have found online suggests that I should install cucumber -v 1.3.16 or 17, and to uninstall cucumber 2.1.0. However, when I do that, I get a different error:
WARNING: cannot load such file -- 2.1/gherkin_lexer_en
Couldn't load 2.1/gherkin_lexer_en
The $LOAD_PATH was:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am really stuck. I've reinstalled sandbox several times, always with the same results.



  • Chris.FuentesChris.Fuentes USXamarin Team Xamurai

    Hi Sue,

    Start by doing a fresh install (e.g., delete the folder %USERPROFILE%\.calabash\sandbox and run the install script again). This time, look for a Gemfile inside of that same sandbox folder. Open it in notepad++ or another plaintext editor. Add a line to the end of the Gemfile:

    gem "cucumber", "~> 1.3"

    Save the file. Then, inside of the sandbox, try running bundle update. This should actually downgrade your existing cucumber installation to 1.3.x.

    Let me know if that doesn't work.


    • Chris
  • SueGrinnellSueGrinnell USUniversity ✭✭

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the info. Where exactly is the Gemfile located? I don't see one in this location: C:\Users\Sue.calabash\sandbox. When I search, there are lots of gemfiles inside the sandbox. Can you please point me to the appropriate one?


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