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Reliable way to pause engine/rendering

mpupmpup USMember

I'd be nice to save some performance when not rending the view. In my case, im using a navigation stack with a UrhoSurface embedded into a forms page. When navigating away from the forms page with the Urho3D view, you can see the override update method continues to be called. I did notice the engine doesn't run when you interact with another forms view such a list.

If you attempt a junky solution, such as setting the max fps to 0, it defaults to no fps limit. If you set it to 1, other pages/views stutter with the engine updating once a second. Setting the MaxInactiveFPS doesn't do anything as the Urho3D view doesn't lose focus when navigation to a different page.

Is there a way we can suspend/pause the engine when navigating away from the view?


  • EgorBoEgorBo BYXamarin Team ✭✭✭

    @mpup Are you talking about iOS platform? Because as far as I know it should work out of the box for Android but I am not sure for iOS.

  • mpupmpup USMember

    @Egor_Bogatov Sorry, should have specified. Yes, iOS specifically.

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