Getting Facebook iOS SDK to work?

MattHarringtonMattHarrington USMember, University

I want to add Facebook login to an iOS app, and I figure the Facebook iOS SDK is the best way. I'm using version on iOS 9.2.1.

I'm trying to get the "FacebookiOSSample" project to work. I added my Facebook app ID to AppDelegate.cs:

string appId = "1234567890";
string appName = "MyApp";

and to Info.plist:


The app attempts to open Safari instead of the locally installed Facebook app. I have not changed this code in MainViewController.cs:

loginButton = new LoginButton (new CGRect (48, 0, 218, 46)) {
    LoginBehavior = LoginBehavior.Native

How can I get the app to open the Facebook app instead of Safari?



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