Failed to launch app on device

FarzinZakerFarzinZaker USMember
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I have create a new PCL project. when I try to deploy it to my iPhone without any modification, the following error occurs in launching app.

Failed to load AOT module 'mscorlib' while running in aot-only mode: compiled against GC ������, while the current runtime uses GC sgen.

so deployed app exits.

but every thing works fine in simulator :(

I am using Xamarin for visual Studio 4.0.0 on windows pc and Xamarin.iOS 9.4.0 on Mac.

please help.


  • FarzinZakerFarzinZaker USMember
    edited January 2016

    I am experiencing xamarin trial. But because of this kind of forum support and ofcourse becase of such errors, it seems better to switch to another platform.

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