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Hi, sorry if this was posted elsewhere. I noticed the XAM220 Publishing an App course was recently revised from 3 hrs to 1 hrs and is just a 'prep' course for publishing, not covering publishing in detail for each OS/store.

As a general question, I was wondering where such changes would be published, or will students be notified? I only noticed because I registered for a different time and noticed the calendar difference between the two; this must have happened in the past week or so.

Also, along those lines, how are changes communicated for certification requirements (e.g. if another class is added) or tests? I am in the middle of certification so it got me wondering what could change before I get to the exam. (This may not apply so much to XAM220 itself and I expect to hear more when I take the class).

I've seen other posts in the forum along those lines, but I was wondering in general how we should expect to find or hear about those changes as they happen?

I know this is an evolving process so not a complaint, just looking for info. And if it's already out there my apologies. Thanks!

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    Hi, I've checked class schedule here, but currently there is no XAM220 listed. This class however is still required for the certification according to the requirements:

    Thanks a lot in advance

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    @Cristian.6462 not sure if this was fixed after you posted, but there are XAM220 classes later this month.

    I usually find it easiest to go into my profile page on the Uni and click the class links from there, rather than looking through Schedule. Schedule shows everything and you have to scroll a lot.

    Hope that helps.

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    @MarkSmith.1116 thanks for your reply at the time. I wanted to follow up on your comment here, tho.

    Second, you should have gotten an email from the Dean - Bryan Costanich, it goes out every month and lists all the changes and any upcoming changes. The last letter went out on 10/20 so it was a little before this change and

    I've never received emails about changes. I checked my spam box at the time and since then and don't have problems with Xamarin emails in general. Is there somewhere to verify I am on that list? Or that I didn't turn it off in some email preferences?

    Reason for asking is that I had to take a break from my training and was prepping to take the test and noticed a new class was added that has reverted my status to '1 class left'. I did not know this was happening or any related heads-up in case I could have avoided.


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    Hi @deesnider --

    You should get the Dean's emails as well as lecture announcements (for upcoming guest lectures), we'll have a new one going out here shortly with some new feature announcements. Every XamU subscriber should already be on the list, so if you search your email and have never seen one, email and let them know so we can identify the problem.

    But in this case, the additional class (XAM150) was not announced this way. It was actually an error on our site. XAM150 (REST services) has actually always been part of the certification track. It was inadvertently left off the required list in our database when we moved progress tracking fully into our LMS as part of the site redesign. It was totally my fault in missing it. However, there are a handful of questions in the exam which come straight out of that class - so we have to include it or you could potentially fail the exam because you hit unexpected questions.

    I recognize the inconvenience being presented here: if you know all about HttpClient, REST services, async and await and (these are the tested topics), then email and ask for course credit, we're happy to do that for a month or so for those who were close to completion (e.g. only had one or two classes left).

    Mark Smith
    Xamarin University | Curriculum

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    Thanks for the info. I'll email them as I don't see anything.

    I was wondering what happened with XAM150. I remembered seeing it mentioned in some blogs from people earlier last year but wasn't in the list when I finished originally. I assumed it was 'dropped' from required. I was able to get one of the upcoming classes for it so that should be fine. Can't hurt to refresh my memory on those topics. Thanks!

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    FYI I contacted them and they said my email should be on the list. And the last one was around Nov. 19th. But I've never seen emails about lightning lectures or dean's/university newsletters. I've received other emails from that address, for exam certification notifications and when there were email problems late last year.

    If you or any users could reply here when the next one goes out so I can try to see if it comes through.

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