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Xamarin.Forms 2.0.1-pre1 Released



  • JohnWilson.4976JohnWilson.4976 AUMember ✭✭

    @HenrikPersson that's probably this bug here: - reported back in August, but not fixed yet.

    I get it too, but it comes and goes.

  • BradChase.2654BradChase.2654 USMember ✭✭✭

    Has anyone found any issues yet with tap gesture being at the regular position when an element has a TranslateY offset set? Mine is off on Android by the same trasnlate amount...

  • RogerSchmidlinRogerSchmidlin CHUniversity ✭✭✭

    Problem with RelativeLayout. Running my code, doesn't show my arrow buttons. After turning the device they pop up and stay as expected. Am I missing something?

    public class MainView : ContentPage
        readonly BoxView boxView;
        public MainView ()
            boxView = new BoxView {
                HorizontalOptions = LayoutOptions.FillAndExpand, 
                VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.FillAndExpand, 
                Color = Color.Blue
            Button stepForwardButton = new Button { Text = ">" };
            Button stepBackwardsButton = new Button { Text = "<" };
            RelativeLayout relativeLayout = new RelativeLayout ();
            relativeLayout.Children.Add (boxView, 
                Constraint.RelativeToParent ((parent) => 0),
                Constraint.RelativeToParent ((parent) => 0),
                Constraint.RelativeToParent ((parent) => parent.Width),
                Constraint.RelativeToParent ((parent) => parent.Height));
            relativeLayout.Children.Add (stepBackwardsButton,
                Constraint.RelativeToParent ((parent) => 0),
                Constraint.RelativeToParent ((parent) => parent.Height - stepForwardButton.Height));
            relativeLayout.Children.Add (stepForwardButton, 
                Constraint.RelativeToParent ((parent) => parent.Width - stepForwardButton.Width),
                Constraint.RelativeToParent ((parent) => parent.Height - stepForwardButton.Height));
            this.Content = relativeLayout;


  • AdrianKnightAdrianKnight USMember ✭✭✭✭

    Any chance this ( could be confirmed and worked on soon?

  • AdamPAdamP AUUniversity ✭✭✭✭✭

    @AdrianKnight - the current bug has a NEEDINFO tag on it. Meaning no one will look at it again until the original bug reporter posts more information and sets it back to NEW again.

    If you are experiencing the issue and the original reporter is not around to follow up with, then I would suggest posting another bug report with your own repro, and linking to that original bug report so they can mark yours as a duplicate if appropriate.

    Also I would suggest you try to find a workaround. While the XF team are working away on bugs the sheer amount of them is overwhelming. I have confirmed bugs sitting there from April. I would not expect a fix in the short term. Disappointing, yes, but unfortunately its reality and we have to make do.

    I would probably disable the animation for the time being if you can, or try to set the animation going on a delayed timer, or disabling the animation once it has been completed for the first time. Unless you wanted to decompile using dotPeek and see what is happening behind the scenes to actually implement a solid workaround.

  • MariaBuzatuMariaBuzatu USMember

    any chance this will be fixed in the near future ???

  • @SamanthaHouts @BrendanZagaeski
    Do you know when will be the next pre-release will available?

  • SimoneIovaneSimoneIovane ITMember

    how ccould I make intellisense work with vs 2015?

  • FemilShajinFemilShajin USMember


    UWP Crashes if GroupingIsEnabled in Xamarin.Forms.ListView. Bug Report Anybody facing issues with Grouped Listview

  • JohnThirietJohnThiriet FRInsider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭


    On Windows Phone 8, when activating [assembly: XamlCompilation(XamlCompilationOptions.Compile)] and navigating to a page where there is DataTemplate in resources, I have the following exception :

    Exception thrown: 'System.MethodAccessException' in IdexSecurity.Mobile.DLL

    Additional information: Attempt by method 'MyProject.HomePage.InitializeComponent()' to access method 'Xamarin.Forms.DataTemplate..ctor()' failed.

    This bug does not occur on Android nor iOS.

  • Vinnie1991Vinnie1991 USMember ✭✭

    And when will be "InitializeComponent does not exist" issue be solved? It's SO annoying!

  • StephaneDelcroixStephaneDelcroix USInsider, Beta ✭✭✭✭

    @JohnThiriet: please share your project so we can reproduce, and solve, that issue

  • JohnThirietJohnThiriet FRInsider, University, Developer Group Leader ✭✭

    @StephaneDelcroix I've created a simple repro project. It's running fine on iOS and Android but it crashes on WP.
    Nothing special on this project, just a single XAML page and a DataTemplate declared in the page ResourceDictionary.

  • BastiBrauningBastiBrauning USMember ✭✭

    I'd like to get some attention to this issue: (there is also a sample project attached to the bug report).

    This is currently a showstopper for our customer.

  • NMackayNMackay GBInsider, University admin

    @RogerSchmidlin said:
    It has been quite a while since we got the last stable Forms release. When can we expect the next one?

    I'm guessing it will be out at the end of the month with the next release cycle of Xamarin Studio/Visual Studio. I think they decided a while back to try and harmonize the different products into the same release cycle and then any service releases after that. I might be wrong though. Would be nice to see a new version.

  • AdamPAdamP AUUniversity ✭✭✭✭✭

    @NMackay if forms was at a more stable level I would appreciate that but harmonizing releases for diff products just sounds like its going to slow xf sown when it still needs some rapid iteration

  • MarcoTMarcoT USMember ✭✭

    The Navigation with AppCompat is totally unusable. The are a lot of bug reports inside the bug tracker but it seems that no one is working anymore on Xamarin Forms.

    Xamarin is not a free product but it has a cost and it's very expensive so I would like to see the bugs fix as soon as an user find them.

    Can we know when do you expect the next release?

  • I love to read something from a Xamarin developer about the release date of the next preRelease and the next stable release.

  • MarcoTMarcoT USMember ✭✭

    Me too, I'd like to know when they will release a new version and if they will fix the bugs!

    I this moment I can think just two things:

    1) They are releasing an amazing update that will solve all the bugs and make everything faster
    2) They are going bankrupt and no one is working on Forms (which may be plausible because no one responds anymore when we report a bug.

    This is acceptable for an open source software, but Xamarin is really expensive (a company can easily pay more than 10000$ per year), so I would say that within few days they should reply us, but usually some bugs stay there over several months.

    Dear Xamarin, your products are nice but you have to take care of your users, otherwise no one will use anymore your products!

  • AnthonyRamirezAnthonyRamirez USUniversity ✭✭✭
    edited January 2016

    @FokkeVermeulen +1 about release date on bug fixes.

    I REALLY want to make use of 2.0 features...but holding off until bugs fixed.

    @MarcoT Regarding future of forms, I did see a bunch of great new content added to Xamarin University on Forms. So investments are still being made to product education at least ;)

  • TyKramerTyKramer USMember ✭✭

    The last few releases were suboptimal in terms of regressions. I'm thinking/hoping this next version will be thoroughly vetted, hence the silence while they put it through the wringer. No point in advertising a release date when regressions might push that to the right by an unknown number of days.

    Also, those that pay "more than 10000$" per year are guaranteed a response within one business day, and get direct support via email from the engineers. They also get hotfixes for critical issues. You won't see any of that traffic on the forums, which are for the rest of us. :smile:

  • AdrianKnightAdrianKnight USMember ✭✭✭✭

    Since I'm getting started, the biggest pain for me has been a lack of cross-platform functionality. It seems like I end up resorting to either custom renderers or third-party libraries for basic things. This slows down productivity. Still, I'd like to see more bug fixing as well.

  • They have a new stable and a new pre release


  • ChaseFlorellChaseFlorell CAInsider, University mod

    If you haven't already noticed, a new release was posted today.

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