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SIGABRT Crash on Xamarin IOS Foundation

Hi Guys,

My Xamarin.Forms App is crashing in production with the following error reported on insights. I have no idea where to start or what this means. Can anyone shed some light on this please?

Thanks alot :)

SIGABRTCrash in Xamarin_iOS_Foundation_NSAutoreleasePool__ctor_intptr
Thread 0SIGABRTCrash in Xamarin_iOS_Foundation_NSAutoreleasePool__ctor_intptr
0 libsystem_kernel.dylib pthread_kill (in libsystem_kernel.dylib) + 8
1 libsystem_c.dylib abort (in libsystem_c.dylib) + 140
2 BumALift.iOS print_exception(MonoObject*, bool, NSMutableString) (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) (runtime.m:782)
3 BumALift.iOS mono_invoke_unhandled_exception_hook (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) (mini-exceptions.c:2586)
4 BumALift.iOS mono_handle_exception_internal (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) (mini-exceptions.c:1573)
5 BumALift.iOS mono_resume_unwind (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) (mini-exceptions.c:2339)
6 BumALift.iOS mono_arm_resume_unwind (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) (exceptions-arm64.c:403)
7 BumALift.iOS llvm_resume_unwind_trampoline (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) + 168
8 BumALift.iOS Xamarin_iOS_Foundation_NSAutoreleasePool__ctor_intptr (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) + 0
9 BumALift.iOS wrapper_runtime_invoke_object_runtime_invoke_dynamic_intptr_intptr_intptr_intptr (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) + 244
10 BumALift.iOS mono_jit_runtime_invoke (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) (mini-runtime.c:2325)
11 BumALift.iOS mono_runtime_invoke (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) (object.c:2783)
12 BumALift.iOS native_to_managed_trampoline_1(objc_object
, objc_selector*, _MonoMethod**, char const*, char const*) (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) (:44)
13 BumALift.iOS -[__MonoMac_NSAsyncActionDispatcher xamarinApplySelector] (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) (:2551)
14 Foundation __NSThreadPerformPerform (in Foundation) + 340
(in CoreFoundation) + 24
16 CoreFoundation CFRunLoopDoSources0 (in CoreFoundation) + 540
17 CoreFoundation __CFRunLoopRun (in CoreFoundation) + 724
18 CoreFoundation CFRunLoopRunSpecific (in CoreFoundation) + 384
19 GraphicsServices GSEventRunModal (in GraphicsServices) + 180
20 UIKit UIApplicationMain (in UIKit) + 204
21 BumALift.iOS wrapper_managed_to_native_UIKit_UIApplication_UIApplicationMain_int_string___intptr_intptr (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) + 324
22 BumALift.iOS Xamarin_iOS_UIKit_UIApplication_Main_string___string_string (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) + 156
23 BumALift.iOS BumALift_iOS_BumALift_iOS_Application_Main_string
(in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) + 56
24 BumALift.iOS wrapper_runtime_invoke_object_runtime_invoke_dynamic_intptr_intptr_intptr_intptr (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) + 244
25 BumALift.iOS mono_jit_runtime_invoke (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) (mini-runtime.c:2325)
26 BumALift.iOS mono_runtime_invoke (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) (object.c:2783)
27 BumALift.iOS mono_runtime_exec_main (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) (object.c:4038)
28 BumALift.iOS xamarin_main (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) (monotouch-main.m:404)
29 BumALift.iOS main (in 731395e262f6351f9ef0a8330f8f008c) + 96
30 ??? null


  • GeraldVersluisGeraldVersluis NLUniversity ✭✭✭✭

    I think it is nearly impossible to find out what is going wrong with this information.
    Your best bet would probably be to upload the matching dSYM file to Insights to find out more.

    You can do this by going to your app, select the Settings screen in the top bar and then the DSYMS tab.

  • ShaunGrechShaunGrech USMember ✭✭

    Hi Gerald,

    Thanks for your reply. I believe I had uploaded the DSYMS file, but that is the error I'm getting.


  • MatthieuMatthieu USMember ✭✭

    I got the same crash and on Insights I was able to see that the users got an .NET exception just before and so I think the crash occurs because of that (ArgumentOutOfRangeException). It's certainly specific to my app but look at the other errors reports to see if you can correlate too.

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