System.EntryPointNotFoundException in AppDelegate

Mark.1134Mark.1134 USMember


I have an app that I haven't worked on for 6 months and have just updated Xamarin and Xcode, etc to the latest stable versions. When trying to run in iOS 9.2 I get a System.EntryPointNotFoundException on the CCApplication application = new CCApplication (); line below. Please help!

[Register ("AppDelegate")]
public partial class AppDelegate : UIApplicationDelegate
    public override void FinishedLaunching (UIApplication app)

        CCApplication application = new CCApplication ();
        application.ApplicationDelegate = new GameAppDelegate ();

        application.StartGame ();

    static void Main (string[] args)
        UIApplication.Main (args, null, "AppDelegate");


  • Mat.1681Mat.1681 USMember

    Hi Mark!

    Try to update your CocosSharp to 1.6.2v

  • Mark.1134Mark.1134 USMember

    Hi, thank you for your reply - much appreciated! I was unable to update the CocosSharp.iOS package from so I have created a new solution using cocosSharp and I'm currently porting the code across.

    Have hit quite a few obstacles, had to hack the info.plist to force full screen, many classes and methods have been deprecated and I have had to convert all my mp3s to wavs, etc. Nearly done now though!

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