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Hello everyone,

We're pleased to announce v0.8.2.0 of Test Recorder, now available in the weekly channel. We've added some additional features and configuration options for power users, as well as fixed a number of minor bugs and issues.

Some highlights from this release:

  • Launch a Repl: Users can now start a UITest repl for the app they are currently testing right from Test Recorder


  • Configure Preferences: Users now have access to preferences panel, which allows them to configure the following options:

    • Account Information: Update your API Key and account information. This information is used to verify your Xamarin Test Cloud access, and to help us with debugging any issues reported via our Bug Report tool.
    • Android Keystore : Test Recorder will by default use Calabash's debug Android keystore for resigning Android apps, which can cause issues for some apps. This option allows testers to provide their own keystore to use in resigning.
    • Manually Inject Calabash: Test Recorder will by default install the latest version of Calabash and the Test Recorder plugin into iOS apps. iOS developers who would prefer to link Calabash and the Test Recorder library themselves may uncheck the "Automatically Inject Calabash" option in the preferences page. Details on how to manually configure an iOS app for testing with Test Recorder can be found here
    • Provisioning Profile: Test Recorder will by default automatically search for an installed provisioning profile that matches the selected app. Users can now choose which provisioning profile they wish Test Recorder to use.
    • SDK Locations: Users can now specify the installation path of their Android and Mono SDKs


Additionally, v0.8.2.0 includes a number of improvements and fixes, including:

  • Fix for bug on Xamarin iOS that failed to detect text entry on certain textfields
  • Improved ScrollTo( ) event detection
  • Fix for Android SDK Installation and Java detection
  • ClearText support for Webview Password fields
  • Improved stability for WKWebviews

Current users of Test Recorder should be prompted to update the next time they launch their app. You can also download the latest version of Test Recorder at

As always, we're here to answer any questions you may have.


  • @JohnLago Very nice. Having a REPL was on my list of desired enhancements. Here are some others:

    1. Inspector and Test Recorder should be combined into 1 tool. When developing a test, I would like to inspect the UI hierarchy and look at properties and such and click on widgets in the hierarchy to get information about them. Having a REPL helps a little, but it is command line while Inspector is graphical.
    2. The Test Recorder UI that display the steps should be fully editable so that I can create steps, edit steps, reorder steps, etc. And it would be really nice if while editing a step, a dropdown allows me to select a UI control from the current hierarchy tree or bring up the Inspector window.
    3. Most important, I want the ability to attach the Test Recorder to an already running app WITHOUT resetting that app back to an initial state. Sometimes I want to use the Test Recorder just to generate the C# code for me for just a few steps that I am having trouble writing by hand. I may have my app on a certain screen in a certain state and now I want to start recording. As soon as I setup Test Recorder, my app resets and restarts back to scratch and I have lost my app state.
    4. I want to be able to select one or more steps in the Test Recorder and run just those steps WITHOUT resetting the app back to an initial state. Right now, every time I click the run button in Test Recorder, the app gets reset. It would be much more powerful, if I could go back and forth between running a few steps in the Test Recorder and manually playing with the app with my finger or mouse. In other words, a workflow like this:
    • launch app from XS/VS
    • manually interact with the app to get it to a certain app state
    • attach Test Recorder WITHOUT losing app state
    • record one or more steps
    • turn off recording
    • manually interact with the app to undo those steps recorded
    • play back those steps from Test Recorder WITHOUT losing app state to verify those steps are correct
    • manually interact with the app some more
    • record one or more steps
    • etc.
  • WalidToutWalidTout USMember

    Test Recorder is failing to run (with every launch) with the details attached.

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