Avoiding memory leaks when using Xamarin.Forms

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Sample code is often written to show one thing, and often does not handle non-functional requirements etc properly, whether that be localisation, performance, supportability etc. This is just one of those things - it's not just Xamarin samples and it's not just C' samples, it's most samples. The result, is that when application code is written based on learning from samples, there will be all sorts of things that are not how you would want them.

Rather late in the day, I am now looking at profiling my app for memory issues and performance bottlenecks. Whilst I can find guest lectures and XU classes that talk about profiling for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android, I am struggling to find any resources that show common memory-related issues in Xamarin.Forms code, whether that be related to event handlers, gesture recognisers, lambda expressions, background timers, handling images efficiently, bindings, etc.

Does anybody know of any good resources on common memory-issues in Xamarin.Forms code? Or can anybody share things that they have hit in terms of memory issues when working with XF?

Many thanks in advance,

John H.

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