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Facebook SDK: Ads Install HELP

john82john82 ITMember ✭✭✭


has anyone used the FBSettings.PublishInstall(APP_ID) api method from the Facebook SDK in Xamarin.iOS with success ?

I've read and applied all the stuff described here:

but I'm unable to see any install notification on my FB developer application page.

Some questions:

  • Is this testable in debug mode via a REAL device? (no emulator)
  • To test if all is ok, do I need to create a campaign?
  • There's a way to check if the method call FBSettings.PublishInstall() throw some error? I'm currently wrapping it in a try/catch block but nothing is thrown.



  • Nidhi_KayasthNidhi_Kayasth Member ✭✭

    Do you have full implementation for it (Facebook SDK deferred deep link- Facebook Add Link App Install)?

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