Search Function Does Not Find Any Matches On Some Projects

I've got a Xamarin project that, for some reason, Xamarin can't find matches on my search criteria.
I can choose Find In Files "Look In Entire Solution" and whatever I ask it to look for it says 0 matches.
I can even choose Find In Files "Look In All Open Files" and even tags I see right there in my open file do not get found.
Ctrl-F find still works, but that means I have to open each file individually and Ctrl-F each one and close it.

Recently you fixed the clipboard to where it works much more reliably. Thank you for that. But this is another critical piece I believe.
I can send you a link to a video of a duplication of the problem, but it is pretty much as I described.

Note: this is a recent issue. I haven't had problems with this until recently.
It didn't do this 2 months ago.


  • CraigDunnCraigDunn USXamarin Team Xamurai

    This seems to be related to Xamarin Studio (not Xamarin.Forms)? Moving it to the appropriate forum.

  • DarrenBurridgeDarrenBurridge USMember

    OK. Well thanks Craig for moving the post. I DO appreciate you MOVING the post.

    I would appreciate it even more if someone would FIX the problem.
    So far EVERY issue I've ever reported on the Xamarin forums has been summarily ignored or given an unhelpful token response like "have you tried updating Xamarin?" ....and then....after I reply yes.... dead silence.

    It's a little disappointing since my company paid for an enterprise license!!

    Anyway, I just tried to rename a class and Xamarin Studio crashed. Then crashed again. I'll put a new Post in the Xamarin Studio forum. But if history is any indicator, it will be simply token processed and ignored. :(

  • MikeKrgerMikeKrger DEXamarin Team, Beta Xamurai

    For reporting bugs I recommend using our bug tracker (help menu->report bug).

    Thats usually the best way to get in touch with the developers :).

    Can you tell me more about the use case for find in files ? Which pattern ? Can you reproduce that with a new project ?

    For the rename issue the exception text would be helpful.

  • DarrenBurridgeDarrenBurridge USMember
    edited July 2014

    Thank you for the suggestion. Hope it works better than here.
    the pattern is (Entire Solution) btw Ctrl-F still works fine on individual file, but Ctrl-Shift-F with (Entire Solution) does not work or even (All Open Files) pattern still doesn't work, which is ridiculous because I see the actual tag in the file in front of my eyes yet Search keeps saying "0 matches".

    I'm not sure if I can reproduce with a new project. I suspect not. I thought about minimizing my current project and make a small example....but I'd have to stop working to put the project in a form that duplicates the issue and does not give out company code and violate company policy. That takes time and I'd have to explain to everyone that Xamarin search does not work. It would snowball into a real mess with management and we may end up scrapping the project and writing off Xamarin.

    I'll get the rename exception next time it happens. I restarted Xamarin and it went away so I can continue. But nothing gets rid of the search file problem.

  • MikeKrgerMikeKrger DEXamarin Team, Beta Xamurai

    If you get me a use case (or maybe a screen cast is enough?) - I'll fix the search issue ASAP.

  • willemodendaalwillemodendaal USMember, University

    I'm experiencing the same issue in release 5.9.3 (build 1). Doing a "Find in files" does not return any results, no matter what I search for.

  • SjoerdvanNoortSjoerdvanNoort NLBeta ✭✭
    edited July 2015

    I had this issue today. But in my case it was not working because of confusing UI.

    I had accidentally put my search term in the 'File Mask' field.

    The confusing bit is that the 'File Mask' field contains an search icon in the field and the 'find' field does not.

    The normal search box (for searching inside the current visible file) does contain the search icon in the search field. I know the icon is for scope options it is a bit confusing

  • For me it was because of warnings in search field.
    I had opened db from project and file was locked. I have closed this managed resource and search again working well.

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