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Xamarin Mac build "include mono runtime" does not include language resources.


I'm trying to build a mono mac project which has language resx files & rtf files in the project.
And a normal debug/release builds gives language resource files as folders(da, es, fr) under "MonoBundle" folder along with the .rtf files, inside the app.

Now if I check the project option to bundle mono along with the app file, both the resource folders & the rtf files are missing from the "Mono Bundle" folder. (Debug & Release)
I was able to find the rtf files in the "Resources" folder in the app.
But language resources are completely missing from the app.
Which means if mono is bundled along with my app(which is awesome), but then localization doesn't work anymore.
It prevents me from shipping the product with mono bundled.
Any idea why this is happening?!


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  • ChrisHamonsChrisHamons USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    Hmm. You talk about "include mono runtime". That option only exists in Xamarin.Mac Classic (which you can't create new projects of, so doubtful), or the open source MonoMac bits.

    Which are you using? We've made a huge number of changes since the MonoMac in Xamarin.Mac.

  • I'm using an existing project(from maybe more than a year), so I guessing the Classic version is what I'm working on.
    XamMac is the reference used. Does that help?

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I tried the sample and looks like it is copying files over to the desired folder.
    It doesnt seem to work with the project type I have. (I added the project entry as mentioned in the article page).

    When I run the sample application I see "Target CopyOurFiles:" along with other Targets in the output window.
    And looks like it is running multiple Targets.

    But when I build my project I dont see Targets being run at all, and it says -
    Building: [ProjectNames].

    Do you know if I might have to change any other setting to get it working with the older project type I have?

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