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Is there a way to build in the cloud?

I'm coming from Phonegap and targeting iOS. I'm working thru the xamarin.ios samples and it appears I can't get far without a mac on my LAN. I was wondering if there were "Cloud Macs" that I could just buy time on to compile my iOS samples. If I have to buy a Mac, I guess that's the breaks, but one of the great things about PhoneGap is PhoneGap Build that allows you to build in the cloud. Is there an equivalent for Xamarin?

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  • USUniversity

    thanks for the tip. I've contacted them and will be testing this out. they do support dedicated IP addresses so if the build communication is all happening over IP we should be good to go. Do you know of any LAN only issues that might cause this not to be a good build server option? I guess I could always remote in and build using xamarin studio for mac. would that violate the terms of service to use one license for both the PC and the Mac?

  • AgonBinaAgonBina USMember

    I've tried one from an individual who was renting these VMs from his local mac machines. They were significantly faster than any of the services similar to MacInCloud, yet there is no way you can be productive with it. I suggest you to buy a mac mini which starts at 550 $, it will turn out much better for the long term.

  • Anything new here? I would like to use MacInaCloud as a build server. But I don't know if this will work.

  • has anyone tried in MacOs in vmware to develop?

  • JeffGonzalesJeffGonzales USMember ✭✭

    @VicentFernandez I think the problem with running Mac OS X under VMWare is that it is technically not allowed by Apple's license.

  • BrianBirdBrianBird USUniversity ✭✭

    I've successfully built and tested iOS apps in Visual Studio using a MacinCloud remote machine for the Xcode builds and simulation. You can read about my experience here:

  • hpUserhpUser USMember

    I did use macincloud yesterday and they have xcode installed and I was able to successfully use it and test on a simulator.

  • Dibya89Dibya89 NZMember

    You can use MAC in VMWare using MAC tool. I use it now for IOS APP development.

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