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Could not link assemblies. Reason: Value cannot be null. (MT2001)


I'm having an issue trying to build my application and the error I'm getting is "Could not link assemblies. Reason: Value cannot be null. (MT2001)". I was building successfully before the long weekend so the only think I can think is that I must've installed the latest update at the end of the day. If I change the Linker behavior from Link Framework SDKs Only to Don't Link I'm able to build again, but the resulting size is much larger.

Does anyone know what might be causing this error or something I might do to further troubleshoot or get around it? In a pinch I can use the Don't Link, but would like to keep the size down if possible.

If anyone can provide any insight into the matter I would appreciate it greatly.


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  • TimSchmidtTimSchmidt USMember

    I have made the submission to bugzilla with the project attached.

    Thank you for your help,

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