Alternatives to RoundedBoxView?

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I use RoundedBoxView NuGet package for cross platform. It works on iOS and Android but not it WP8. NuGet package description says it is dependant to Xamarin.Forms >= 1.4.4.xxxx however it doesn't work on 1.5.2.xxxx. I can't get trough the building errors. When I remove the package then the project works.

Are there any alternatives? I just need a simple library that gives me a simple ellipse/round box.

Thanks in advance.


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    BTW the "RoundedBoxView.Forms.Plugin.WindowsPhone.dll" has a reference of Xamarin.Forms.Core:

    Xamarin.Forms.Core, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null

    This is why it doesn't work with XF 1.5

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    And the errors are


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