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WinRT Roadmap.

Can Xamarin tell us, the community , the Roadmap support for Windows phone WinRT (win8.1 , win10) ?
there are currently 3 options for winphone platform : win8.1 Silverlight , win8.1 winRT and win10 (i believe also it's winRT).
As i see it, there are in every option only few areas/features that are supported and others not:
for example:
Localization is supported on win8.1 SL but very partially on WinRT.
Cocossharp is also better supported on SL , less then on winRT
XF is lack of some controls on WinRT (maps etc.)

and others:

what i'm asking is ,
can xamarin do a table/roadmap for every type of winPhone and tell what is the status and planning?

This is very important , because what happened to me is that i started to develop a game on win8.1 SL, stuck because some feature was NOT supported,
changed to win8.1 winRT because someone told this feature is supported there, and it was right, but then stuck because of other feature not supported ,
so finally returned back to SL.

If there was a table with features supported/plan to be supported /not supported for each type of winPhone with time-frame (estimates at least),
it would be very useful.


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