Inspector 0.3.2 Released

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The Inspector team is happy to announce the availability of a release that encompasses many bug fixes and small improvements, thanks to the great feedback from the initial release!

Inspector is now supported on the recently announced Xamarin 4. Updating to the latest stable Xamarin releases across the board is the only requirement to begin using the Inspector preview product!

In addition to various bug fixes, we have two notable small improvements:

  • Nicer rendering of exceptions in the REPL. Stack frames are now shown in syntax highlighted C# instead of CIL representation making them easier to read and understand. If a frame's source code is accessible on disk, clicking the file name for the frame will open it and jump to the appropriate line in Xamarin Studio. This can be very powerful for debugging via experimentation in the Inspector. Inner exceptions are also collapsible.

  • The Inspect button in the debug toolbar in Xamarin Studio will always be shown when debugging if a project flavor is potentially supported. In cases where the project's configuration is not, the button will be disabled and a tooltip will offer details as to why Inspector is not supported for the current project configuration.

If you encounter any issues or have questions, please engage us in the forums or file bugs!

UPDATE: since originally posting this release announcement, we've fixed a regression in iOS device builds caused by Inspector. If you are encountering any issues since installing, please update to using the download links above.


  • wootwoot USMember

    Loving the inspector so far - I can see this being extremely useful in the future. A few quick comments:

    1. You might want to add some more error context for the Inpector in Visual Studio - I think allowing the user to click the inspector and then popping up a list of error conditions would be good for discoverability. As it is, I really had to dig around the docs and forum posts to get it working.

    2. In the docs ( you might want to add some of the pre-reqs to get a project working under Installing and Inspecting (like enabling fast dev and no linking).

    3. I didn't see this currently, but is there a way to get a selection outline of a UI element on the emulator when you select it from the View Tree? This would be helpful so you can see what you are looking at when selecting elements from the tree.

    Overall great job though!

  • abockabock Xamurai USXamarin Team, Insider Xamurai

    Hi @twoo!

    1. We will be bringing the better error reporting support to Visual Studio next week to mirror what we did for Xamarin Studio this week, and making even more improvements across the board there as well (both XS and VS). Look for this in the next release.

    2. Good idea on the docs! We definitely will be updating those. In fact, the improvements around error reporting in XS made in this release will help automate both QA and docs on pre-reqs at the general dependency, project configuration, and deployment target levels. All of the failure cases are captured in code, so we can easily translate them to QA test cases and sync them with docs in the future.

    3. We do not currently support that, but it's a great idea. You can use the Inspect button at the top right of the Inspector client UI to select UI elements in the emulator/simulator and have that selection reflected in the visual tree, but not yet the other way around. I've captured this feature as something we will now do for a future release!

    Thanks for the excellent feedback!

  • adrian.9021adrian.9021 ✭✭ USBeta, University ✭✭

    Hi, How would I go to uninstall Inspector in order to check if this is what crashes my app when launched in debug mode?

  • abockabock Xamurai USXamarin Team, Insider Xamurai

    @adrian.9021 you can uninstall Inspector from Xamarin Studio's Add-in Manager, accessible from the main menu. The add-in is under "IDE Extensions". Once you uninstall, you should restart Xamarin Studio and clean/rebuild your project.

    Also, you might have experienced a regression for which I just made a small bug fix release (see the "UPDATE" line at the bottom of this original post).

  • adrian.9021adrian.9021 ✭✭ USBeta, University ✭✭

    @abock thank you for the pointers.
    Projects that previously compiled correctly on XS now crash on start. If I compile from VS, things are ok.
    That was what made think that maybe the Inspector might have something to do with it. I'll keep checking.

  • NathanTaylor.SBNathanTaylor.SB USMember
    edited November 2015

    I highly recommend not uninstalling the Inspector. It doesn't like that.

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