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Components don't seem to auto-update

I have several projects using Xamarin components but there seems to be a frustrating issue with them that has been around for a while (and over several OS reinstalls, so I assume it isn't a once off buggy install).

If I install a component (say SDWebImage) and it is updated by Xamarin, I don't receive any form of notification in Xamarin Studio that there is an update available like how I would get if I were using NuGet packages. Furthermore it appears to update a component I can't just right mouse click and select update. Instead I must open up the component store, search for my component (sometimes I am using as many as up to 8 in a project) and search for each component manually, then go to its component page to see if there is an "Installed" or "Update" button before I even know if there is an update or not. Component system in this sense seems very broken.

The number of projects I am jumping between and trying to keep components updated seems it'd almost be better for me to setup a private NuGet server which auto-downloads new, commonly used component updates periodically. It'd be good if there could be a Xamarin Component Store NuGet server, but I understand that the component centre exists for people/Xamarin to make money on component sales so it'd be in Xamarins best interests not to direct people away from the component store.

Surely other people experience this as well and I somehow didn't get several buggy installations in a row?


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